Open temperature switches / current switches or time switches (D series)

Data sheet

You will receive a complete overview of all variations in connection with all the technical data in the following data sheet:

D10, D20, D30, D40

Type series D switches are based on a complex system consisting of a contact spring unit and a thermo-bimetal snap-disc. When heating up to the fixed switching point, the contact opens, and thus interrupts the power circuit.

They are very flexible to use: Due to the different types of reset, and the adjustable current sensitivity for rapid shutdowns, the D switches offer a very good solution, especially in very specific safety concepts.

Temperature monitor with an automatic reset D10: After a certain cooling phase (temp. hysteresis) the contact switches back automatically.

Temperature limiter with a manual reset D20: After opening the contacts, and the subsequent cooling the contacts remain open until a manual reset is performed on the reset pin.

Temperature monitor with electr. self-retaining D30 (230V) / D40 (120V): After opening the contacts the switch is heated by a parallel connected resistor, and thus kept open. The automatic reset is only performed through a mains disconnection, or off-switching of the device in which the temperature monitor is installed.

  • Combination of temperature and current sensitivity with the option to set a trigger time
  • Switching current up to 16A
  • semi-open or closed housing
  • Applications in motors as current sensors
  • Design is possible with cables and plugs
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Controller
  • Limiter
  • Safety switch
Application areas
  • Domestic appliances
  • Washing machines
  • Pumps
  • Cooking devices
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Automobile: Wiper motors, window lifter motors, electr. seating position


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