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Measure. Protect. Control.

What started as a manufacture in the basement of the family residence, is now a world leading, medium-sized family-owned company with a long-standing and extensive experience in the field of micro precision.

2022 - Founding and opening of the sales company Microtherm North America Inc. in Greenville, USA.

2020 - Takeover of the business operations of Microtherm GmbH by the Prettl Group into Microtherm Sentronic GmbH including the takeover of the worldwide production 
                companies of the Microtherm Group.

2018 - Start of production of temperature switches at the Microtherm India Private Limited site in Pune, India.

2012 – Founding and opening of the production company Microtherm Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.

2009 - Founding of Microtherm India Private Limited in Pune, India, as a sales company.

2008 - Founding of Microtherm GmbH Shanghai Rep. Office in Shanghai, China. Subsequent conversion into Microtherm Electronic Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2012.

2006 - Expansion of the representative network with a location in Mumbai, India

2002 - Founding of Microtherm CZ s.r.o. in Police nad Metují, Czech Republic. Production of thermo-regulators.

2001 - Founding of Microtherm GmbH Sede Italiana in Milan, Italy, as a subsidiary to conduct sales activities in Italy.

1998 - Founding of Microtherm do Brasil Ltda. in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as a sales company.

1978 - Founding of Canadian Thermostats and Control Devices Ltd. (Cantherm) in Montreal, Canada. Production of Moxie semiconductors and sale of the German products in North America.

1971 - Start of the development of a worldwide network of representatives.

1965 - Founding of Microtherm GmbH at the Pforzheim location. Production of the first temperature sensor on rented premises.