Temperature fuses and sensors (L series)

Data sheet

You will receive a complete overview of all variations in connection with all the technical data in the following data sheet:

L10, L50

Temperature sensors of the series L10 are characterized by a precise cut-off characteristic. The small packaging already includes a voltage-isolating sleeve and insulated leads - a classic ready-to-plugin product.

The L10 can be operated with up to 8A, but it is also often used as a signal generator. Their diversity is characterized by: In addition to the standard configuration, many customer-specific designs are also available which will optimize the integration into the application.

L50 series temperature fuses are very robust units that cover a wide range of temperature and current. They are also voltage-insulated and offer an easy-to-integrate unit due to their holistic design with housing, cables and, if required, plug-in connectors.

In spite of the very low transition resistances, the possible self heating in the design phase should be considered in applications with high currents.

  • Small, compact housing
  • Dust-tight and voltage-insulated Version
  • Design of customer-specific variants
  • ”Ready-to-plugin”
  • Protection against overheating
  • Signal Encoder
  • Direct switch-off
Application areas
  • Immersion heaters
  • Coffee machines
  • Boiler
  • Hot water storage
  • electric. tools
  • Refrigerators
  • Domestic Technology
  • Fire protection


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