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1/2″ switches (R)

The temperature controllers of the R2- / R3 series are extremely reliable bimetallic switches with a long service life.

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Temp. range: 0 - 206°C
Current rating: up to 16 A

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Temp. range: 0 - 260°C
Current rating: up to 16 A

General information

1/2″ Switches (R)

When the nominal switching temperature is reached, the contacts open through a snapping of a thermo-bimetal snap-disc whose temperature has been dimensioned through embossing, aging, etc. After the appropriate cooling, the bimetal disc automatically snaps into its previous position, and closes the circuit again, or the interruption will continue until a manual reset is performed. Half-pin switches can also be supplied with a NO contact function.

These R-types are ideal on-switches with a high temperature sensitivity for applications in household appliances, railway technology, electronic devices, mechanical Engineering.

  • up to 100,000 circuits
  • Response temperatures from 0 - 260°C
  • low tolerances
  • low Hysteresis
  • versatile connection Options
  • from 2000 pieces: R25 series
  • Temperature limiter
  • Temperature Controller
Application areas
  • Domestic appliances
  • Railway Technology
  • electronic Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Heaters
  • as sensor (gold contacts)
  • universally utilizable switch